Friday, April 30, 2010

What are your thoughts on the Dear Diary commercial of Pond's?

This is Nicole Delos Angeles, Nichole Reyes-Mercado and me (looking very pregnant in a gray silk dress by Miu Miu for Prada!) at the launch of the latest TVC of Pond's Flawless White last Friday at the Beauty by SM at SM Makati. The commercial is called "Dear Diary." I can't find the TVC on YouTube yet so I trust you might've seen it on ETC by now.

Here's how the story goes... Once upon a time, in a magazine publishing company, an assistant named Carrie has a huge crush on her boss, Jack. Too bad for her, her dark spotty complexion makes her unattractive to Jack. So a friend gives her a pot of Pond's Flawless White, which magically lightens her skin and removes sun spots, acne scars, and all those nasty things in seven days, turning Carrie into a fair maiden. Will Jack notice her now? (Make a wild guess!) Will Carrie find her happily ever after now that her skin is flawlessly white? (Make another wild guess!)

It's a TVC filled with drama and conflict (there's another woman in the story, by the way) but this isn't my favorite Pond's commercial. My favorites are the Age Miracle ones, the stories of which revolve around a husband and wife rediscovering romance. I especially love the one where the man distributes placards to a group of people in a building, texts his wife who happens to be in the building across to look out her window and when she does, all the placards spell out: MARRY ME AGAIN. Aaaaah, melt!!!

I like how the Age Miracle ads say that just because you're married doesn't mean the romance is over. In fact, the romance should get better! As for the Flawless White ad... well, I think Jack isn't worth it! I mean, come on, Carrie! I think it should be your ambition to go up the career ladder not get your boss to fall in love with ya. Just sayin'. How about you--what do you think of the Dear Diary commercial?

Meanwhile... a couple more fashion-y photos! Here are Nikki and Nicole's outfits...

More lovely women! From left: Nikki, Nicole, moi, Good Housekeeping's Kat Von Eisedel and Pia Rojas, and Mariel Chua Jimenez, who's from Pond's and Cosmo's intern program!

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