Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guerlain's new "hormones of beauty" is the latest in anti-aging

French beauty brand Guerlain has just released a new line targeted to menopausal women. As these women know, when menopause sets in, skin loses its elasticity, firmness and density rapidly. That's because the hormone estrogen, which used to be abundant in all of us women, is now depleted with menopause. If you're one of these women, what can you do then? Well, aside from getting estrogen therapy, you can apply Guerlain's latest skincare system, Success Age Splendid.
Guerlain's research team has discovered that the magnolia plant, specifically the Magnolia Sieboldii mimics estrogen, restoring the skin's balance and structure. Tests say that 80% of their subjects reported less skin slackening, 91% believed their skin was more toned and nourished. Wow!
It's said that life begins at 40 and if you get the complete line (in gorgeous jeweled blue and gold colors), your skin will definitely feel a new beginning!

Guerlain sent me a jar of the Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Day Care Cream (thank you, lovely Luxasia ladies!!!). I'm not using it since I'm far from menopausal but the mom of OK!'s associate fashion and beauty editor Kristine Ching will try it out. Watch this space for the results!

Guerlain Success Age Splendid skincare line (Deep-Action Day Care Cream, P7,850; Deep-Action Night Care Cream, P9,950; Deep-Action Oil Serum, P8,950; Eye Tech Cream, price unavailable) is available at Rustan's Dept Stores.


Delectable Swank said...

That's pretty neat, I'll be curious to see how it works and the results you get!

Eli said...

I hope you have more lip and eye palettes for sale. Another reader beat me to the one up on your page!!!

Shiela Espinar said...

Hi was wondering if you have any other VMV Glykeros product. Im looking to buy the Lift+ Primer.Please email me at to hear from you and help Mio as well.