Monday, August 24, 2009

Please send me an email

Yedy, Nina, Teeyah, Twisted Halo, Fish and Kae!

I have some beauty stuff for you girls. Yey! Sorry it took me a while but I've finally done my inventory for your requests and for helping raise money for Mio's leukemia chemo (please scroll down--I posted new products!).

Kae, I'm giving you an extra product because I saw on your blog that it's your birthday!

The email is I'll be waiting!

To the other ladies, sorry I didn't have the ones you wanted but do watch this space!


teeyah. said...

Thanks for doing this, Frances :) And happy birthday Kae! :D

FISH said...

Thanks a lot! Wow, you made my day.Ü I texted Kae about this and she was so happy!


hi frances! thank you! im sorry i wasn't ablt to check your blog for couple of weeks because I was with some things, so, I just read your post and I am so excited upon seeing my name! you made my day Frances! I have already sent you an email, thank you so much! God bless your kind heart forever!

yedy :)