Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pond's Big Beauty Sale now ongoing!

Ladies (and gentlemen), better grab your wallets and stock up on Pond's products! The beauty brand is having a huge sale from August 15 to September 15, and the discounts are fantastic!

I'm a fan of the Age Miracle line. The TV commercial promises younger-looking skin in 7 days, right? Well, I used it and four days after, my husband looked at me appreciatively and said, "Wow, you look nice. Have you been getting more sleep? Your skin looks great." Wow! Not even this anti-aging serum got that response from Vince!

Want that same reaction from the man in your life? Grab a jar (or two or three!) of Pond's Age Miracle now!

For a complete list of the discounted prices and participating stores, click here.


maia said...

Which of the age miracle line do you use?

joyciexclusive said...

hi ms.frances :) would just like to know what's the recommended age if you wanna use the age miracle line?
hehe wala lang i've been getting great feedbacks from my friends (21-22yrs) who are already users of this line. okay lang ba na early 20s gumamit na ng ganyan?:)

The Beauty Writer said...

Maia, all of it! Pond's gave me the entire set. Although I'm really tamad to use the microdermabrasion kit and tinted moisturizer. So technically, I use the day and night creams.

Joycie, dermatologists say that you can use anti-aging products as early as 20! Just don't use them if you plan to get preggers, you're pregnant already and lactating. Still best to ask your derma, of course, since our skin has different needs.

Dea said...

I'm almost 27 and I'm already starting to see lines on my face that I swear weren't there the week before. I recently tried the Olay Regenerist Serum and was disappointed with it, so I'm still looking a good anti-ageing cream. I just might grab a jar of Pond's this weekend.

The Beauty Writer said...

Hi Dea! I think kailangan hiyang ka rin sa isang product. I used this super expensive ant-aging cream--nothing happened. I think it actually made me look older!

I liked Pond's Age Miracle but I don't use it anymore because after a few months, my skin began developing white heads. My beauty editor friend said that means the cream is too rich na for me.