Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New fragrance proves that Isse Miyake has a lot of pun!

In 1992, Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake launched L'eau d'Issey. In English, that means Issey's Water. But aurally, it's a playful pun which means The Odyssey. And considering it was Issey's first venture into the highly lucrative world of perfumes, the name was quite apt.

Seventeen successful years later, Issey Miyake introduces A Scent. Issey says the new perfume is "a scent as simple and beautiful as the air we breathe." True, the freshness of hyacinth and galbanum makes A Scent crisp and invigorating. But I like the name more. The name is so simple and prosaic and yet listen to it and then it means "the act of rising, climbing, moving upward." Aha! I love it! It's so clever.

A Scent by Issey Miyake will be available in September at Rustan's (Makati, Shangri-la Mall, Alabang Town Center, Gateway, Cebu) and Rustan's Essences Robinsons Ermita. For advance orders, please call Issey Miyake Fragrances at +632 856 62 31 or +632 856 1853.


yedy said...

Hi frances! I hope you can make a contest with this Issey Miyaki as a price! love love love Issey Miyaki and would love love love to try this one :)

I'll be creating a new blog, because as of now, I only have my food blog, and I promise to post your link!

thank you :)

The Beauty Writer said...

Oh no, Yedy, I don't have this bottle na. I gave it as a gift to someone really sweet and fresh and honest and pure--my sister-in-law. thought she and the perfume were a match. =)

Thanks for promising to link me up. Update me so I can link to yours, too!

Eli said...

I've always loved Issey Miyake! Looking forward to trying out this new scent.

The Beauty Writer said...

Hi Eli! Taj is in town again =) Gusto raw niya kumain ng BABOY haha

yedy said...

Hi frances! sayang wala na yung perfume, but its okay :) i'm just looking forward to your contests :) (as well as the unloading of your closet haha!) for now, I have posted the link of your 2 blogs on my food blog, while I am still working on my personal blog :) i'm telling friends as well about beauty for a living :) all the best to you frances :)