Thursday, August 13, 2009

L'Oreal Professionel announces the hottest hair looks for F/W

There may be no fall/winter seasons here in the Philippines but fashion is followed globally and in the world of beauty trends, beauty giant L'Oreal Professionel has decreed that rock/folk music is the inspiration for the cold months ahead.

Robbie Lizares of L'Oreal Professionel emailed me: "I was going through our Fall/Winter collection and I immediately thought about you! We’re getting inspiration from music icons all over the world–in particular Rock and Folk icons. We’re getting inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse (yes, you better believe it!), Debbie Harry of Blondie, Janis Joplin, even Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats (a boy–but the boy cut has also been sported by Rihanna recently)."

Robbie also told me that these looks are going to be launched in September but I'm giving you a sneak peek!

"The Janis Joplin"
"The Joni Mitchell"
"The Debbie Harry"
"The Amy Winehouse"

Too bad the looks require thick masses of hair--my locks are baby fine. Well, I love the rich colors and how they absorb and reflect light. See the Janis color--there are red ribbons throughout the brown. The Amy color is fantastic, too--all deep and dark with golden bronze highlights for depth. Love the colors. Will definitely be getting those soonest!

Get your L'Oreal Professionel music icons-inspired looks from leading salons.


joyce yu said...

wow. the amy winehouse inspired look is fab! my dad doesn't want me to color my hair..haha he believes that black is okay :P

i really love your beauty blog ms.frances, am a kikay girl kasi so i can totally relate :) i love makeups, perfumes, and other "kaartehan" things. so i really enjoy reading your posts, it helps me on what products to choose :)

yedy said...

frances, more contests to come! i'm so excited to join, I just chance upon your topaz horizon and learned that you also write here! so I haven't had a chance to join your contests before. YOu got a nice blogs and I am a fan now.

And since you're cleaning up your closet, I wouldn't mind having revlon and mac make up from you, any make up just as long as it is from you, I wouldn't mind :)

thank you. keep inspiring people through your blogs :)

san juan

Aicha Amano said...

I love the Joni Mitchell Hair. The Janis Joplin made me think of Alanis Morissett though hahaha!

roan said...

Oooh I remember our L'Oreal event last year! Has it been a year already? Time flies.

I want to try every hairstyle again with matching souvenir photos. Hehe. I hope I get invited ;)

Nina said...

I'm really digging the Joni Mitchell although blonde hair wouldn't really suit me. Are you serious about sending out some of your stash? I rarely get the chance to try out the products that bloggers and editors like you receive from high end beauty companies. So, I'm taking a stab in the dark and hope that you have something from these companies (basically any brand you have would be greatly appreciated!): MAC, Shu Ueumura, Shiseido, Lancome, Kiehls, Revlon.

The Beauty Writer said...

Joyce, men and colored hair! =) My dad doesn't like it, too, but my mama and I colored away!!!

Yedy, tell me what your skin tone is and I'll send you a Revlon foundation!

Nina, I have Shu, Lancome, Kiehls and Revlon. What exactly do you want? Ask and you shall receive!

Nina said...

Oh no, this is a toughie! Could I choose from each? Haha just kidding, you're too kind! I'd love to try a Shu lippie if you have one and I'm very interested in trying the Revlon foundation (light/medium medium, based on the website). Can you also recommend something for my acne-prone skin? Thanks!

teeyah. said...

I'm digging the Amy Winehouse hairstyle though I will never ever have the guts to prolly wear it around [especially in suits, hehe]. But I'd love to try it one day! Thanks for posting it, Frances :)

Oh and if you have Shu Uemura stuff that you'd love to dispose, would love to adopt them :)

You're sooo generous to your readers, BTW :)But I've already gotten that idea when I read Topaz Horizon :)

TwistedHalo said...

Hello Ms Frances!

With the view of helping you clean out your closet (hoho), some Shu cleansing oil, anti-frizz products or any "clean" smelling cologne/perfume would be deeply appreciated. :)

leah said...

love the amy winehouse color & makeup too..suits the model.

i would like to help you out with your "mess" =) i would really love to try eyeshadow, blush or eyeliner from shu, lancome or clinique.

thanks for sharing.

joyciexclusive said...

@Frances: i can totally relate, the closest that i've come in coloring my hair was to have them cellophaned or something and the color doesn't last long :P

seriously? you're giving away stuff?:O woah! am a writer too for a medical magazine, and i rarely get fab items like makeup, etc. :P but i have lots of pens :P hahaha =))
do you have any mac foundie/powder?:)or anything! as long as it's from you!

Lei said...

i like the amy winehouse hair. can't pull it off though. :P wait, i've short hair.. haha.

FISH said...

Wow. You are so generous! I read from your other blog about the suggestions for another giveaway.

I basically love nail polish. My nails are quite dull, they have this weird shape and I can't grow them that long so I settle for short-trimmed nails. Anyway, I hide them under matte polishes and they look just great! I love The Faceshop's collection. So if you will have another giveaway, I'm hoping it's nail polish..or felt-tip eyeliner (mine got lost.haha)

Hoping to win on one of your giveaways someday!
Keep up with the good work on both your blogs. I love reading them. :)

Kae said...

Oh my! My hair now kinda looks like "The Janis Joplin" haha. looks like frizzy but fab! hmm

Ate, I lost my Blush on a month ago and I haven't been using any make up since then. (too lazy to shop for one and I'm under the budget haha) Can I have some make up? And anything for dark under eye circles? I'm working nightshift kasi and it makes me look like a zombie. =p and something for thin hair?haha ang dami kong gsto! weeeeeh!

And oh, my bestfriend has been joining all the blog contests (never pang nanalo) just to get some free make up.. I hope you can make her happy too!

your number one FAN,

kAe =)

The Beauty Writer said...

Dear ladies!

Give me the weekend to do some inventory then I'll contact you! There are some stuff I know I do have and there are some stuff I'm not sure I do.

Kung meron, I'll email. Kung wala... oh well!

Thanks for the kind comments!

Roanne @ AlltheVanity said...

I would've scored The Joni Mitchell but I recently cropped by hair. :-(

But heck, I'm this close to finally sport a new hue for my 'do. :-D If only I'm not gonna hit the beach next month

Pie said...

I love the "The Janis Joplin"
hair... each of these styles has stories to share and I'm sure aside from their look they also wear a great aura of confidence.

Hi Frances, in the light of giving stuff, I will be more than happy to're so generous =>
anything from Shu Uemura will make my day => anything from you!

Thanks a lot Frances!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am one of your many readers here, too shy to leave a comment though 'til now. I'm a SAHM and have lots of white hair already. Would love to try L'Oreal hair color product if you still have ...thanks.- pau