Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grooming gifts for the baby!

My little boy is so lucky. Here he is, in my tummy, working hard to develop his little body to become strong and healthy and already he's got pampering products waiting for him!

Kiehl's Baby Gentle Foaming Hair & Body Wash 
and Nurturing Baby Cream for Face & Body
Vince, being a Kiehl's ACAI Damage-Minimizing Cleanser user, is definitely looking forward to using the baby counterpart on his son. He even thinks it's cool that his child will be using a foaming wash, just like him!

L'Oreal Professionel Serie Nature 
Source de Tendresse shampoo and conditioner

Johnson's Baby Set - cologne, cooling powder, bath gel and wipes

Our thanks to Sheena Dy of Kiehl's, Lenny Tiongson of L'Oreal Professionel, and Annie Ringor of Bridgess and Johnson's Baby. My Jelly Bean will be a cuter baby because of you!


Camille(SHOBE) said...

everyday i make sure that i lather some lotion on my 3 years old baby after we bathe,he really loves it when i massage his body.

maki said...

cute! havent used kiehl's on my babies. will look into it.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Ms. Frances,

I am now a follower of your blog. Will visit here often.

Stay beautiful:)