Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just Jewels presents its celebrity-designed wedding rings (plus a little chatter from me)

Dreaming of your wedding or already planning the big day? Then this news is for you!

Just Jewels just launched their Rings of Promise, wedding rings designed by actress and brand endorser Dawn Zulueta, TV host/society columnist/interior designer Tessa Prieto Valdes and fashion designer Debbie Co. The rings are part of Just Jewels' Made-to-Order Wedding Rings service, which promises good quality and customized design fit for any budget. I think it's a lovely idea! 

The event was held at Enderun Colleges at McKinley Hill. It's a nice place! Though it did remind me of a church. Anyway, the event took a while to start so I spent the time taking pictures.


Look at that blue sky! The red brick facade sure looked stark against that expanse of perfect azure.

Inside, the afternoon sun streamed in through the big windows. This would be lovely for an intimate  wedding reception.

I think the table arrangements are elegant and simple. I quite adore the flowers spilling over our heads. So pretty yet unobtrusive.

With me at the event was Mica, an intern for She's so terribly young, it's almost painful. She's adorable, don't get me wrong, but she's all wide-eyed with wonder at the glamorous side of the magazine industry and when I told her that events are work not play, and that we usually spend our days hunched over a keyboard, typing and editing away, and negotiating with brand managers and advertisers, and worrying over circulation and advertising profit... well, she didn't believe me. She just thinks it's all fun, fun, fun! Sad to burst her bubble but it's more of stress, stress, stress!!!

Anyway, I was also there with bloggers Earth of Earthling Gorgeous and Jennie of Marriage and Beyond. They're power bloggers! Blogging is fast becoming (if it isn't already) the new important media, and Earth and Jennie are two of the few who know how to do this blogging thing well. I'm a blogger, too, but I'm still very entrenched in traditional print media. I do want to learn more about blogging because times are changing for print!


At last, the celebrity designers arrived! From left: Just Jewels general manager Tricie Mojica, Dawn, Tessa and Debbie.

The host for the evening was Donita Rose. She's very funny and sweet. Here she is moderating the discussion of the designers about inspiration for the design.

And here's the unveiling of the rings! These are the designs you can choose from:


Also launched that evening was the exciting contest, "Search for the Best Proposal"! It's a nationwide search for the most unique and exceptionally original marriage proposal stories. The prizes are pretty cool: Five finalists will win P5,000 cash and P3,000 Just Jewels gift certificate, and the grand prize winner gets to pick one of the designer rings above, plus P10,000 and a 3D2N stay at Le Soleil in Boracay!!!

I'd join myself because I do believe I have a pretty darn unique proposal story. But the Just Jewels website isn't updated yet with the contest rules and details on how to submit your entry. So do be patient! And should you join this contest, good luck!

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wow those rings are so pretty!,hehe lol at the hate to burst her bubbles ^_^ even though youre not as young as her,you are still pretty ^_^