Friday, April 23, 2010

Olay Body pits models together for a fashion walk-off!

These days, it seems that we're running out of excuses to look old and ugly! With beauty products and treatments all filled with ingredients that promise to keep us tight, taut, smooth, soft, fair, etc, the only thing keeping us from looking our best is laziness!

To be honest with ya, I'm a super lazy girl when it comes to beautification. So I like products that do double duty. I like my moisturizer to have SPF, for example. I like my shampoo to not just clean my hair but also give it body. I like my toothpaste to have flouride and whiteners. Etc! So when it comes to my soap and shower gels, you can bet I use those that clean and moisturize at the same time!

Olay Body believes this, too! With its new Olay Body Age Defying Moisture Bar, women (and men, too!) can now start their anti-aging regimen in the shower. Regular soaps are meant to just clean your skin (which is a good thing!) but the Olay Body bar will moisturize it, too, so that you can fight dry and dull skin and improve skin texture. In fact, Olay Body bar promises that after just seven showers, you'll look younger. Hmmm!

Now, I use The Body Shop strawberry shower gel. It's infused with vitamin C and salicylic acid to clean and protect my skin, and organic soy oil to seal in moisture. Plus, it smells so good. I love it! But with this new Olay Body product, should I switch? After all, I already use Olay on my face... I'll go try it out soon (I must remember to buy a bar on my next grocery run) and I'll give you my verdict after seven showers!
Anyway, just to prove that great skin is the secret to looking young, Olay Body held a fashion walk-off between 20-something, 30-something and 40-something models and personalities. The challenge there is to make guests guess who's young and who's old. But since these women have been in the spotlight, you already kinda know who is young (unfamiliar faces) and who's old (familiar faces!). I guess the point of the exercise is really: "Look at how ageless we look!" And my, did they ever! The older models just owned them young 'uns!

Jackie Miller vs Grace Tagle

Phoemela Baranda vs Marina Benipayo

Sanya Smith vs Abbygale Arenas

Valerie de los Santos vs Joey Mead

At the end of the show, the Olay Body brand ambassadors marched out, looking lovelier than ever.

Miriam Quiambao: "Women in their 30s and 40s can reveal their neck or their shoulders or their legs, one part at a time, to be subtly sexy and elegant. With Olay Age Defying Body Bar, you can finally feel confident enough to bare youthful, nourished skin."

Daphne Osena-Paez: "Our skin is our biggest and most important accessory. If you have good and young-looking skin, you can defy the age norms and wear whatever you want to wear. That's why I love Olay Body Age Defying Bar--it keeps my skin well moisturized all the time... I noticed the difference right away!""

Angel Aquino: "By joining the Olay Facebook fan page, women can easily... get age-defying beauty tips, share their opinions about defying conventions, enjoy exclusive promos, and get the confidence to bare it all this summer."
Angel, Miriam and Daphne have been on TV for a while now so we've seen them grow "old" before our very eyes. The thing is, they don't look old. They look even better! To be sure, they don't look like teens either, which is a good thing. I dunno about you, but even if you pay me a million dollars, I don't ever want to be a teenager ever again--dealing with raging hormones that gave me greasy skin, pimples everywhere and stringy flat hair. At 33, I look and feel so much better now! Celebrating birthdays now is so much happier!

*product photo from boutique, event photos courtesy of Campaigns PR, Inc.


NeuroChiq said...

I agree with you, F, I don't like to go back to my teenage years anymore! Just looking back at my photos makes me shriek on how awful my skin was! =(

Thanks for featuring this, I'm checking it out when my J&J milk bath takes a break. =)

Frances Amper Sales said...

Ya! I don't want anyone to ever see photos of me from 13-29!!! =P Me rin, I'll try this Olay bar. Maybe I'll remember to buy this weekend when I buy groceries!

austenfan said...

I'm currently using Dove's body wash and liking it so far, but Olay's marketing this product so well that it makes me want to try it too. Haha. I'll wait for your review na lang. :)